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Fractional Aircraft Ownership


Fractional ownership allows a few Pilots to efficiently share an aircraft for business or personal/recreational use providing the lowest possible capital and operating costs, while still enjoying virtually all the benefits of sole aircraft ownership. Fractional ownership in general is a safe, secure option to buy a “piece” of an aircraft (rather than the entire aircraft) giving you better use of capital, and provides the owner access to centralized and professional aircraft maintenance, annual flight reviews, executive-level customer service and complete turn key aircraft management while saving over 70% of the usual aircraft ownership costs!

Fractional ownership offers affordable, exclusive use of factory new aircraft fully loaded with advanced avionics including IFR-certified GPS, autopilots, satellite weather radar, aircraft parachutes and other cutting edge safety technology...for a fraction of the cost of traditional partnerships, sole-use or new aircraft ownership.

With fractional ownership, you purchase an elite "leaseship" - an exclusive right-to-use of your brand new aircraft. You own your leaseship and receive all the tax savings and flexibility for your new aircraft while eliminating aircraft ownership liability, a key consideration!

Fractional ownership is smarter than renting - since you have an exclusive leaseship of your brand new aircraft - no more renting old, worn out aircraft paying daily minimum flying charges, or missing key meetings or wasting valuable leisure time due to lack of availability. Fractional ownership is just like owning your own airplane.

Fractional ownership reduces the costs of sole aircraft ownership - no more wasting money with sole aircraft ownership while your aircraft sits on the ground, paying for costly, surprise maintenance bills, or getting stranded away from home with a broken aircraft. Compare the costs and you'll see.

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