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Multi-Engine Training


Premier Flight Academy, Ltd. offers North East Ohio’s most comprehensive multi-engine training program.   At Premier, safety and pilot proficiency are our highest priorities!  Whether you are working to become a professional pilot, or wish to fly twins for business or pleasure, look no further – we have you covered.

Premier Flight Academy offers a complete Multi-Engine Commercial Rating with instrument privileges in one convenient course.  The training course is held in our corporate training facility featuring instructor lead multi-media presentations.  The instructor led presentations will simplify even the most complex topics.   Premier also owns and operates the area’s most advanced flight simulator.  This Precision Flight Controls simulator features dual cockpit controls, Garmin 430 GPS, King Avionics and can simulate nearly every possible multi-engine emergency in the comfort and safety of our training room.  This simulator is a fully certified Level III Advanced Aviation Training Device (A.A.T.D.) that will allow you to master the emergency procedures and Instrument flying at a fraction of the cost.

At Premier, we understand you want the highest quality training.  We also understand twin engine training can be both rewarding and challenging.  Our expectation is that each and every graduate of the program will not only breeze through a check ride, but will have the necessary skills and knowledge to be a safe multi-engine pilot!

The requirements for this course include:

  1. Pilot must have a current FAA medical
  2. Pilot must provide proof of US Citizenship (Passport or Birth Certificate)
  3. Pilot must already be a Single Engine Private Pilot with an Instrument Rating
  4. Pilot should be current with flying and instruments (Not required, however additional hours may be required if the pilot is not current)

Multi-Engine Course Hours Overview:
(This course can be completed in less than a week)

Video &
Pilot Briefings Stage &
Final Exams
Stage I 4.0 1.0 1.0 As Req. 1.0 3.0
Stage II 2.0 .5 1.0 As Req. 2.0 4.0
Stage III 2.0 .5 2.0 As Req. 2.0 3.0
Total Hours 8.0 2.0 4.0 As Req. 5.0 10.0

*Premier offers additional Multi-Engine training options, such as Private Pilot and ATP.  We also offer time building options for the future professional pilot, ask for details.

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