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Premier Flight Academy is a Class A, top of the line flight school. I’ve been fortunate to train in a Diamond 20 with an excellent flight instructor. I was at another flight school and was concerned that I would never achieve my dream—to be able to fly. Being a female in my 50’s, I was so excited when Premier told me that I could do this! Within a few weeks at Premier, I was able to solo and am presently in training for my private certificate.  After that, I look forward to moving on to Instrument training with Premier.  The planes are always in the best condition and all of the people there are cordial, friendly and willingly answer all questions in great detail. Premier Flight Academy provides a professional environment with everyone having the same goal-learn to fly, learn to fly safe and have FUN!
- Carol S.

From the facility and the aircraft, to the curriculum and the instructors...Premier Flight Academy is first class all the way! Becoming a pilot has always been a dream of mine, and once I decided to pursue that dream, I knew I had to have the absolute best training available. After extensive research and dozens of calls to potential schools, I was confident that Premier Flight Academy was the right choice for me. I felt like I belonged there from the first time that I walked through the doors, and it is clear to me that Premier Flight Academy has my goals and my best interest at heart.
Ron Z.

I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to fly with you this morning. This was a huge step in helping me get over my past experiences. I had an amazing time, and I cannot wait to explore all the doors this has opened for me in choosing a career. I still cannot thank you enough for helping me relax and slowly overcome this past fear of mine. I look forward to taking the next steps to get my license and am very anxious to get back up in the air soon.
Thanks Again!!
Austin K.

My initial contact with Premier was through the air carrier I work for. We used Premier's flight training device for pilot interviews. I was so impressed with Premier's operation that I have been a customer for my personal flying needs ever since. The staff is highly professional and friendly. The aircraft are well maintained and quality of flight instruction is great.
Jim Weaver, ATP

Just wanted to say thank you for putting together the Pinch Hitters class. Last night's class was amazing. Patty is a wonderful teacher (and since I'm a teacher, I'm really picky) and she is infinitely patient. Can't wait to learn more on Thursday. Thanks again for doing this for us! You're the best.
Kim R.

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